Innovation and Technology Partner

We are looking to collaberate with organisations looking to develop new innovative and transformational solutions; Do you have a product, solution, technology or customer that requires a different way of tackling a problem, would working with an agile, pathfinder organisation benefit you in developing something truly new and focused towards transverse market themes.

We are interested in working with companies in the following sectors:

  •  Health and Medical Sector
  • Humanitarian
  • Technology Adoption
  • Learning, and Education

This is not exclusive list and we would welcome discussions with potential future partners, emergence means we would always welcome learning and finding something new.

    In working with us, we would look to work together on a Win-Win basis to develop a solution to market. what would would bring to the partnership is extensive experience in innovation, emergence, disruption and business model developement. We could act as your independent sustainable agency or partner, to develop value add offers for your organisation, providing true open innovation colaberation. 

    Michael OliverComment